Story of Rocky who was abandoned twice by his family

Today’s story is about Rocky who got abandoned by his family twice. We are not trying to criticise anyone but trying to show the reality of the time!

We posted a story about the adoption of a golden retriever baby, in the hope that some people may consider bringing him home and to our surprise even without a picture many people showed interest in adopting him.

So here is Rocky’s story, a golden retriever dog may not be so good in quality and that was his only fault! His owners brought him home thinking he may come up as handsome as Tucker and they can make many reels of him and become celebrity account dog parents. Rocky also wanted to be like a ticket so he tried to be as gentle and friendly as Tucker and thought he would get love and cuddles. He passed the test of proving himself as a good dog but his parents failed. They abandoned him in the Chharodi area where he somehow survived with the help of a few good human beings who fed him, took his medical care and gave him some love.

Rocky’s life was passing with the hope of seeing family back and adjusting into the nature but a good hearted guy who used to feed him noticed he was struggling in passing urine and observed little red colour (maybe blood)

We have been informed about his condition and upon our visit we decided to take him for the treatment and get him adopted post treatment as he seemed like a pet dog to us. We found it strange that he was so comfortably sitting in the car and active and this when we came to know from nearby people about his story that he was a pet and had been left by his parents not just one e but twice. Yes you heard that right.

They took him home after leaving him but after three days they again abandoned him at the same place where he was picked from. Post rocky was not ready to get out of the car as he remembered that if I get off they won’t come back to pick me again. But the merciless owner pushed him and drove off.

Rocky understood and accepted his fate but didn’t stop trusting and loving people. We started his treatment and found the poor guy has 20cm X 10 cm stones in his stomach. Doctor suggested immediate surgery as his condition was getting worse. We raised a crowdfunding to support his medical care and people who took his care contributed for his life without hesitations. We took him for the surgery and it went well. Rocky was calm and loving even in so much pain post surgery and showed us all love and gratitude through his loving eyes, licks and wagging tails.

Poor fellow was recovering but at the same time he was still losing blood in his urine despite ongoing treatment. On 16th Nov morning Rocky was laying and wasn’t moving much and it was an alarm for us. We rushed him to the vet but he was declared dead. The reason was cardiac arrest. Poor guy gave up after a long battle with life and finally got adopted by forever home “in god’s lap” This incident has shattered many of our hearts who spent final time with him and left many questions behind..

  • Why did my family abandon me? Wasn’t I a good boy?
  • Why did they take me back and leave again to hurt me a second time?
  • Why wasn’t I accepted despite being so gentle and loving?
  • What does matter the most is my breed or my qualities? And
    God why didn’t you give me a few days more when I finally found loving and safe hands?

Dear Rocky! May god keep in his lap forever…You will be missed…

Love & Prayers

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