Refund Policy

If you think you have made a transaction by mistake please raise us a mail on with transaction details, and we will refund your funds within 7 working days. Please make sure all the 80G claims will be void and you will not eligible to claim it as we will mail from our end to the concerned department with the refund detail that has been made to you.

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Let's Build a place where co-living is respected


We try to help dogs & cats get adopted. Our adoptions happen with a formal process of House Check, Family Information & rule agreement post-adoption. We keep checking adopted animals at regular intervals.

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Interested in joining us? We are eager to join hands with more like-minded people to bring change with joint efforts.


Do you want to contribute to animal welfare? You can donate to us and we assure you, that your money will go to a good cause also you will receive a financial audited report in EOY.

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Let's Build a place where co-living is respected

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